Old TCG Projects

Below is a bunch of old TCG ideas I have had over the years. I decided to archieve them here for my own entertainment and for anyone who is interested in what could have been. There are a bunch of old ideas I have that are lost to past computer crashes such as Showdown (a Shonen Jump TCG) and a Final Fantasy themed TCG.

Card Samples

TCG Idea

Empires / True Musou - Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors TCG (2010 - 2014)

This is a TCG idea I've been throwing around since 2010. Never opened it due to the lack of interest.

2014/2015 Template

Pegasus Fantasy - Saint Seiya (2010 - 2015)

Probably one of the TCGs that I knew a lot of people wanted to play. I had it opened once but closed it due to how little amount of people were active in the TCG. Might consider on working on it again if there's any interest.

2014 Template

2016 Template

Retromation - '70s/'80s/'90s Anime (2011 - 2016)

I really do want to make this TCG. But I kept going back and forth between if I want it to be a general retro anime tcg with scene and credit decks or just a retro anime character tcg. The templates shown are the fourth and fifth designs. The earlier templates are posted below.

Isotonic - Asian Music (2013)

This template was supposed to be for the "reboot" of Isotonic, but I ended up reopening Music Station with this template. The Template was later reused and remade larger for Rockin' Nippon.

Rockin' Nippon - Jrock Music Videos (2013)

Before the Rockin' Nippon that I ran with Megumi existed, Rockin' Nippon was going to be a Jrock TCG using this template. I believe I started this after Holiday Shinjuku closed.

Epic Journey - Animanga (2014)

I don't really remember much about this other than I quit working on it after I was supposed to co-own a similar themed TCG that never opened.

??? - Anime OP/ED (2015)

This was an idea that I was supposed to co-own with someone. This was my template that I pitched that wasn't used.

Hello! Time template

Good Morning! template

Hello! Time / Good Morning! - Hello! Project (2015 / 2016)

I'm a huge Hello! Project fan and I wanted to make a H!P TCG ever since Genki Beam closed. I would totally bring back this idea if there's any interest. I also used the Good Morning! template for another Asian music themed TCG, Beat Generation, that never opened either.

Vibra - Animanga Characters (2015/2016)

I never got around to reopening Vibra with any of these template. The 2016 is to the left and the 2015 templates are below.

Role Play - Animanga/Video Game Characters (2015/2016)

Same with Vibra up above. The 2016 is to the left and the 2015 templates are below.

Stand Proud - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2016)

I quit working on this as I didn't think there was enought interest for it to be a stand (no pun intended) alone TCG.

Only You - Korean & Japanese Music Videos (2016)

This was shelved when I started to do the main updates on Rockin' Nippon in 2016.